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5th Care Package

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Is it just me, or does it seem like we’re sending a care package every other week??  Every time I tell Todd I have a letter to translate he asks, didn’t we just send a package?  Well, it sure feels that way!  I guess that means time is flying by.  Yea!!!

I didn’t take a picture because there were only two items in the box–a letter and a Chinese trivia game.  It was a small package.  🙁  I had meant to get some treats to put in it, but totally forgot to run to the store last night.  And I had to send it today because our Chinese tutor was nice enough to do it for us.  (My Chinese is NOT good enough to attempt the post office yet, and Todd left town this morning for a work trip in Shenzhen.)  So, off the package went, sans treats.

This month’s letter was about birthdays and food.  The Chinese typically don’t celebrate individual birthdays.  Usually they celebrate “everyone’s” birthday during the Chinese New Year.  Since Kaylee Ann and Spencer had birthdays this month I explained our traditional birthday celebration–cake, presents, and sometimes a party.  I also listed all our birthdays, including his.  Children in the orphanage don’t usually know their own birthdays, so I wrote his in hopes that he’ll learn it.  I plan to send a cake and presents for his birthday, and now that he knows when his birthday is I’m hoping he will look forward to it. 🙂  Can’t wait!

I also discussed food in the letter.  When Jasmine came home, the first morning I made eggs and toast (because I saw her eat them almost everyday we were in China).  And when I set them in front of her she started looking around for something and finally asked, “Where’s the soup?”  Umm…sorry, Jasmine.  No soup for breakfast in America. 🙂  We had lots of other fun little experiences like that with food/culture differences.  That’s the reason I gave Minyu a heads up on some of the biggies.  Like no soup for breakfast. 🙂  I’m hoping he’ll feel a little more prepared to join our crazy American family!

4th Care Package

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Yea!  4th care package sent today.  Or in Todd’s super secret code language…The petunia has been planted.  Bahahaha!  He cracks me up.  I asked him if he got the package sent today and that was his reply.

4th care package.  I only planned on sending 8.  We’re at the half-way point!!  That just leaves April, May, June, and July.  And then we should be there!!!  (Of course, this is all based on my carefully calculated, and highly unpredictable travel estimate of late July/early August.)

Oh.  And I just realized that I forgot to take a picture.  Sorry.  No picture.  (I’ll make up for it though by posting new pics of our boy in the next post.  Promise! 🙂 )  Well, it contained a letter of course.  I wanted to include some art supplies, but I couldn’t figure out where to buy them.  I’ll have to look again for the next package.   We also sent some snacks to share with his friends–nuts, dried fruit, and 3 little containers of gum.  3 containers because he has 2 good friends there, also older boys, and we thought it might be nice if he could give each of them their own gum.  I was thinking about gifts, and how nice it is to receive them.  Then I thought about how much nicer it is to give them, and I wondered if children in orphanages ever have that opportunity to give gifts.  I hope Minyu enjoys giving some treats to his friends. 🙂



3rd Care Package!

Monday, February 13th, 2012

[Written March 15, 2012.]

Sent February 13th!  I’ve decided that since it is such a huge hassle to try to print real photos, I’m just printing them in the letter instead.  Besides, it’s easier to include captions this way.  In addition to a letter with pictures, this package included lots of things from the kids to their brother.  Letters, drawings, and a book.  All of our kids love Harry Potter, and since our two oldest just finished reading the whole series this past year, they thought Minyu might like it too.  So, we sent the 2nd book, Chamber of Secrets.  I hope he loves reading like our others do!  If he doesn’t yet, we’re hoping “Hā lì bō tè” (Harry Potter) will help get him hooked. 🙂

2nd Care Package

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

[Written March 15, 2012.]

We sent our 2nd care package to Minyu on December 31st!  All of the kids received a new book from us for Christmas this year.  (They love books, so yes, new books were a good thing.)  We’re not sure if Minyu likes reading, or if he really gets much of a chance to, but we also sent him a book.  Our kids love the Harry Potter series and the oldest two just finished them all this year.  So we thought we could try to find it for Minyu.  That way when our kids talk about Harry Potter, at least he’ll be able to participate in the conversation.

“Hā lì bō tè” or “哈利·波特” or “Harry Potter”

We were able to find the entire set of 哈利 波特 (aka Harry Potter) books in Chinese and bought them off of Taobao (a Chinese website–like a cross between Amazon and ebay??).   Yea!   So we sent the first one, The Sorcerer’s Stone, to him for Christmas (a little late).  We hope he likes it!

We also sent a letter, pictures, and some goodies.  I hope he know how much we love him and think about him!

First Care Package!

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

[Written December 7th.  Published December 27th.]

Care packages!!!  Sending a care package is so much more than a box of goodies.  In China adoptions, a care package is about the only way of saying, “We love you!” and “We haven’t forgotten about you!”  Especially since our son is older and understands what is going on, I will be sending a monthly care package until we bring him home.

I began preparing a care package a few days after receiving our pre-approval from China.  The kids made artwork, I began writing a letter, we chose pictures to send and picked out some tasty treats from the store.  And then I let everything SIT for a whole 2 weeks.  Sort of.  I had to prioritize.  I could use my spare time on adoption paperwork and hopefully bring Min Yu home a bit sooner, or I could spend my time finishing up our first care package.  I chose the former.

In the U.S. I probably could have done both, but I’m still figuring things out here in China.  Things like how and where to print photos, where to get a box, and how to mail things at the post office.  There was one thing that was much easier this time around–finding someone to translate the letter to Chinese!  Yea!

Well, I’m happy to report that I figured it all out!  First, I put everything in a bag since I didn’t have a box.  Then I gave it to Todd and said, “Could you please mail this today at work?”  Ta da!  (Yeah, I passed the buck.  What would YOU do if you didn’t speak Chinese?!)  But to my credit, I did get the photos all printed!  Really!  There’s a convenient little shop, a 3-minute walk from my front door.  3 minutes!  THAT’S convenient.  They print photos in 24 hours.  So I gave them all my pics and picked them up the next day.

Okay, funny little tangent about my “convenient” little photo place.  A couple days ago I gave them a 4×6 picture (6 little passport photos on one photo) to print, and they charged me 10RMB for the 4×6, instead of 1 RMB.  I was able to communicate what I wanted, but my Chinese was not sufficient to ask them why it cost so much.  (Well, actually I can ask them why it costs so much; it’s their response that I wouldn’t be able to understand.)  So I sent Todd to pick up the finished pictures so he could ask about the huge price difference.  Long story short, the lady got really defensive and then got downright ugly, so Todd told them we’d take our business elsewhere.  He got his money back and left without the pictures.  So…it looks like I’ll have to find another “convenient” photo place that’s only 3 minutes away.  Ha.  Yeah right.  The one part of the care package process I thought I had figured out.  Back to the drawing board.

Anyway, what I’ve been trying to say for the last 5 paragraphs is…We FINALLY sent our first care package to Min Yu!  I wanted to send it by mid-November, but we didn’t finally send it until today.  It contained a letter, pictures of our family (including the ones we took when we were with him), and some snacks to eat or share with friends. I kept it small, knowing that we’ll be sending him Christmas presents soon. 🙂

I won’t include the letter itself, but let me say, it was hard to write!  I had a bit of experience writing these letters from our first adoption, so it wasn’t as hard as the first time.  There are a thousand things you want to tell them and ask them, and then you remember that you’re writing a child you don’t even know.  And what can you actually include?  And if it’s more than a few paragraphs, will they even want to read to the end, or will it be boring to them?  Anyway, my method for writing letters to my waiting children includes laying out a spreadsheet of every topic I feel needs to be discussed, divided up over the number of months until they come home.

Here’s what I included in the November (but sent in December) letter.

  • We are his new family and are all so happy that he will be our son.
  • We explained how LONG the adoption process is, and that he will probably come home in the summer.
  • We promised to write him each month until he comes home.
  • We asked him to tell us about himself.

The one thing I forgot was to take a picture before sending the package.  Doh!  I’ll try to remember next time.  Instead I can include a few of the pictures we sent to him.  We sent some of the pictures from our time together in Puyang.  And I also included some pictures of our family that are in our dossier.