About Min Yu

Referral picture from his adoption file.

Pu Min Yu was found in June 2000 and was estimated to be about 12 months old.  He was in the care of foster families until the Puyang Social Welfare Institute was opened in 2005.  He has been living there since.  The special needs listed in his file are congenital arm deformities and congenital heart defect (minor).  His caretakers wrote that he has “good self-care abilities,”  is a very good student, and all his teachers like him.

We are in the process of adopting him through the Waiting Child program (special needs children) with Chinese Children Adoption International (CCAI).  We will bring Min Yu home in July of 2012.

Where is Min Yu from??  Click the map to see!

[Our family is currently living in Beijing, China.  You can find family updates on our blog, Becoming Beijingers.]

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