Adoption Timeline – Pu Min Yu (2011-2012)

Here are some of the steps we’ve taken to bring Pu Min Yu home. Most recent steps are on top!

07/27/2012 Travel home to Beijing!
07/24/2012 Official adoption day!
07/23/2012 Receive Minyu!!!
07/22/2012 Travel to Henan!
07/09/2012 TRAVEL APPROVAL!!!
07/07/2012 Finished the travel paperwork
07/05/2012 Sent 7th care package–last one!
06/26/2012 Article 5!
06/25/2012 Sent physician’s letter to consulate, approved for expedited processing!
06/23/2012 Got our physician’s letter!!
06/21/2012 Found out we need a physician’s letter to expedite
06/21/2012 Article 5 paperwork dropped off
06/20/2012 NVC letter received
06/19/2012 Cabled!
06/19/2012 Received birthday party pictures. 🙂
06/16/2012 Happy 13th Birthday!!!
06/11/2012 I-800 approval!
06/01/2012 LOA!!!
05/31/2012 Resent 5th care package
05/29/2012 I-800 received at lockbox
05/25/2012 Sent I-800 application
05/24/2012 Received permission for medical expedite!
05/23/2012 Received update from the orphanage–Minyu had surgery 🙁
05/23/2012 5th care package got returned. 🙁
05/23/2012 Sent 6th care package
04/10/2012 Sent 5th Care package
04/03/2012 Minyu broke his arm, had surgery (found out 5/23)
03/27/2012 Finished I-800 paperwork
03/19/2012 LID!!!
03/12/2012 Sent 4th Care Package
03/02/2012 DTC!
02/13/2012 Sent 3rd care package
02/02/2012 Received I800a in mail
01/27/2012 I800a approved
12/31/2011 Sent 2nd care package
12/19/2011 I800a receipt date
12/16/2011 Sent I800a application to USCIS!
12/16/2011 Final homestudy draft approved
12/07/2011 Sent 1st care package
12/07/2011 USCIS fingerprinting at the embassy
11/27/2011 Homestudy finished!
11/21/2011 2 kids’ physical exams.
11/20/2011 Finished the home study interviews.
11/19/2011 First home study interviews.
11/19/2011 Jill’s physical exam.
11/18/2011 3 kids’ physical exams.
11/16/2011 Received Taiwan clearance.
11/10/2011 SW contacted us for homestudy.
11/08/2011 PA (pre-approval) from China! (dated 11/07)
11/05/2011 Sent off for Taiwan clearance.
11/04/2011 LOI to China!
11/01/2011 Pu Min Yu’s file is released on the shared list.  CCAI locked it for us!!!
10/29/2011 Application approved!
10/21/2011 Sent application to CCAI
10/19/2011 China tells CCAI that Pu Min Yu’s file will be released with the next shared list
10/17/2011 Sent Medical Conditions Checklist to CCAI
10/14/2011 Visited Pu Min Yu in Puyang!  Received a copy of his file from the director
10/06/2011 Asked Puyang SWI about Pu Min Yu
10/04/2011 Emailed CCAI to see if a specific boy, Pu Min Yu, has a file
10/02/2011 Made the official decision to adopt a special needs boy from China

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  1. christina woodling says:

    I am adopting a son from this orphanage. He will be two years old on Dec 2nd. I am hoping to get travel permission for jan 2013. Maybe you saw my son, he has 6Y toes on each foot. I have not had an update on him since July 2011. This is our second adoption. We have a daughter who is now 8 years old from Guiyang, Guizhou province. I was so happy to see your page.

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