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UPDATE – We appreciate your willingness to give, but we no longer are in need of donations.  If you’d still like to help out, consider donating to one of the worthy causes our adoption agency sponsors:

Thank you!

I did it.  I put a donate button on our page.  I never thought I would.

We have been incredibly blessed thus far, even monetarily.  A price tag the size of a new car seemed impossible!  But we’ve scrimped and saved, been creative, sold needless possessions…and prayed.  And every time another payment must be made, the money is there!  Even though we won’t have a lot of luxuries over the next year or so, we have “enough and to spare.”  Good food, comfortable home, clean clothes, a reliable car.  We can pay our bills.  We will be more than okay!  So why the donate button?

We invited several family members to make this trip with us, and all wanted to, but it didn’t happen for one reason or another.  It has worked out though, because these family members have been able to support us in so many other ways.  Thank you all!

(I’m secretly hoping my mom doesn’t read this, but that’s not likely.  So, hi mom!)  It turns out that one of my moms (that’s not a typo)  is making this trip to China with us!  She is the only one of our family who will be able to make this trip to China, to be physically THERE to support us.  Not because she has thousands of extra dollars lying around.  (Who does?  Except you. 🙂 )  But she has sacrificed and is making the trip!  And like any dedicated mother, the “surprises” she got over the last several weeks will not stop her!  Surprises like…

  • Being laid off–along with her entire office of coworkers
  • Unexpected dental bills–totaling the cost of a flight to China
  • Lodging/transportation costs in China increasing by 300%–yes that’s x3
  • Plane tickets costing 50% more than anticipated

Ahh…don’t we all love surprises?  But she is undeterred!  And praying for a miracle.

Wish granted!!!  Mom, this donate button is for you. 🙂

(There is no minimum amount.  Any amount we receive above and beyond travel needs (as opposed to “wants”)  will go to one of 3 wonderful organizations that help orphans in China.)

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