Adoption Timeline – Pu Min Jiao (2009-2010)

These are the steps, big and small, that we’ve taken to adopt Min Jiao.   We’re nearing the end, or should I say the beginning! 🙂 They are in reverse order, most recent steps at the top.

9/18/2010 Home!!!
9/15/2010 Consulate Appointment
9/6/2010 Gotcha Day!
9/1/2010 Depart to China
8/16/2010 Consulate appointment confirmed
8/13/2010 TA! (Travel Approval)
7/29/2010 We have our visas!
7/22/2010 Article 5
7/17/2010 Sent our visa applications
7/6/2010 7th Care Package
7/2/2010 NVC Letter
7/1/1020 Cabled
6/25/2010 I-800 (Provisional Approval)
6/17/2010 I-800 receipt letter
6/9/2010 I-800 application submitted
6/7/2010 6th Care Package – Birthday cake and presents!
6/7/2010 LOA! (Letter of Acceptance)
5/4/2010 5th Care Package
4/29/2010 Travel Packet I
4/29/2010 LID! (Log In Date)
4/28/2010 Dossier delivered to the CCAA
4/23/2010 DTC! (Dossier to China)
4/19/2010 Express mailed the I-797 to CCAI
4/19/2010 I-797 from L.A. Consulate
4/8/2010 Dossier critical review complete!
4/6/2010 Sent I-797 to L.A. Consulate for authentication
4/6/2010 Drove I-797 to Sec. of State to be certified
4/1/2010 Approval from USCIS (I-797C)!
3/31/2010 4th care package
3/29/2010 Dossier received @ CCAI
3/25/2010 Dossier to CCAI (without I-797C)
3/25/2010 Update on Min Jiao!
3/24/2010 Fingerprints for USCIS
3/11/2010 Received 11 authenticated docs from Chinese Consulate
3/8/2010 Received fingerprint app’t from USCIS
3/1/2010 3rd care package
2/22/2010 Received “USCIS Acceptance Confirmation” letter
2/19/2010 Received “USCIS Acceptance Confirmation” email
2/18/2010 USCIS cashed our check
2/17/2010 Sent documents to L.A. Consulate (except I-797)
2/16/2010 Certified docs from Sec. of State!
2/10/2010 Sent docs to Sec. of State (except I-797)
2/9/2010 Sent I-800A app. to USCIS
2/8/2010 Home study APPROVED!
2/3/2010 4th Home Study draft
2/1/2010 Update on “Jiao Jiao”
1/29/2010 2nd care package
12/24/2009 Sent 1st care package
12/22/2009 Pre-Approval from China!
12/21/2009 Update on Min Jiao
12/19/2009 3rd home study draft submitted
12/15/2009 LOI to China
12/14/2009 2nd Home Study draft submitted
12/11/2009 Submitted LOI
12/10/2009 Emailed CCAI—we want Min Jiao!
12/7/2009 1st home study returned for corrections
12/4/2009 Received Pu Min Jiao’s file—first pictures!
12/3/2009 Requested file-PMJ female-no picture
11/23/2009 1st draft of home study submitted
10/6/2009 Last home study interview
8/27/2009 Met with social worker for home study interview
8/3/2009 Submitted MCC
7/31/2009 Met with social worker to begin home study
7/28/2009 Application approved!
7/22/2009 Application received by CCAI
7/20/2009 Application sent to CCAI

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