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Our adoption agency routinely asks for an update 3 months after you receive pre-approval for a child.  Well, it was three months ago on the 22nd that we received our PA from China.  And…we got an update!  CCAI emailed the update on Thursday.  There were no pictures, and the information was mostly things that we knew, but there was one very exciting line–the very last line in the entire update.  “She received package from the family.”  There is no way to know whether or not a child receives your packages…unless the orphanage volunteers that happy bit of information in an update!  Now we know that she knows about us, her family!!  No more wondering.  We’ve been hoping that she got the packages and that she knows about her new family, and now we know.  I am so relieved and grateful!  Here are a few others things from the update:

  • She is outgoing.
  • She likes being praised.
  • She is learning reading and writing.

And here is a little more about her from past updates.  From 6/11/2009 Development Report:

  • She can care for younger children and behaves like a big sister.
  • She loves to sing songs and especially loves to draw.
  • [At school] she behaves very well and loves to learn.
  • She can quickly grasp knowledge.
  • [She] is a bright and pretty young lady who is active and lively.

From 12/16/2009 Development Report:

  • [She] has already grown into a beautiful, sensible little girl.
  • She studies very seriously.
  • She is able to learn…incredibly quickly.
  • Jiao Jiao’s personality is open and she is very kind.
  • She is a very sweet and clever young lady.
  • [She] loves to talk and loves to smile.
  • She likes to…play games with the other little children.
  • When there is no one to play with…she is very reluctant to part from the nanny.
  • She yearns for a family.
  • She hopes she can also have a family.

From the 12/21/2009 update:

  • She is affectionate.
  • She is a happy girl.
  • She is talkative and wants to be paid attention to.

I love reading through her updates and piecing everything together, trying to find out what she’s like.  I am falling in love with this little girl on the other side of the world who I’ve never met.  Kaylee Ann said, “Mommy, is it weird that I love Min Jiao and I’ve never met her?”  It’s true, and it’s such an amazing thing!  I love her so much and can hardly wait to bring her home.

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  1. Connie says:

    She will fit right in with the rest of you smarties! Thanks for posting the updates, it is a very exciting time and its fun to kinda live it with you.

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