Fingerprints and Photocopies

Posted On: Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 at 7:37 pm

I love today!  There must be at least a thousand or two teeny-tiny steps to complete this adoption, but even if I complete just one or two, I FEEL closer to bringing Min Jiao home.  And today we completed some big ones.  We really are getting closer!

Todd and I had our fingerprints taken this morning for the USCIS.  I emailed the stamped invitations to CCAI.  It should be about a week and a half now until we get our approval (I-797).  Then we’ll send it to Santa Fe (or maybe I’ll drive it up there to speed the process along), send it to the L.A. consulate, and then to CCAI to be added to the rest of our dossier.

Say good-bye to the dossier!  I’ve grown rather attached to this notebook full of paperwork, but I’m sending it on it’s way tomorrow!  I’ve decided to send our dossier to CCAI this week (minus the I-797) so they can start the critical review and translation.  This usually takes 9-11 days.  The hope is that it will be ready to send to China when the I-797 comes.  So…I just finished scanning, printing, sorting, stacking, stapling a guzillion papers!  But…IT IS FINISHED!  12 documents doesn’t sound like a lot, but when each one is notarized, certified, and authenticated (all separate pages) it multiplies quickly!  Let’s do the math…12 docs x 4 pages each = 48 pages of photocopies.  Plus 12 originals and their attached pages–48 pages of originals.  Oh wait–homestudy was 14 pages.  Oh yeah, and we have passport copies.  Well, grand total # of pages = A LOT.  And the finished product…

One fat stack of paperwork!

The dossier! (Minus I-797 and 2 pictures)

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