Friday – Heading Home!

Posted On: Friday, July 27th, 2012 at 11:16 pm


He’s a tech lover. Fits right in with the other boys in the family (including the biggest one).

Friday! We’re heading home right now, cruising toward Beijing in a bullet train. Since the kids are happy with electronic toys I’ll recap our last day in Zhengzhou.


We went swimming this morning. Again. They all did great. We have a bunch of fish for children, including our newest addition. We packed up our things after swimming, ate a quick lunch in the hotel room, and headed downstairs to catch our ride to the train station. And now here we are. We should be in Beijing by 10pm and home by 11pm. Yea!!! We are all pretty anxious to get home, including Minyu. He’s asked a few times this week, “What day is it? And we go to Beijing on Friday?”  Yep, we’re ready to be home!


Brothers. 🙂

“Talk to the finger.”

It’s late and someone’s ready for bed. At least he’s small enough to curl up in the seat and sleep.

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