Thursday – Swimming Progress

Posted On: Thursday, July 26th, 2012 at 10:53 pm


Bright and early Thursday. He’s a morning person. 🙂

Thursday. Another great day! Honestly, I’m having a hard time imagining a day that’s NOT great with this boy. He is so fun! And obedient. And happy. And sweet. And funny. I can’t yet imagine what would cause
him to have a bad day. Realistically, I’m sure we’ll have one at some point, but I just can’t picture it yet.

He likes burgers! (And I like water.)

Our only requirement today was to wait and receive our notary papers in the afternoon. Easy. So we swam again in the morning…and again in the afternoon. Went to McDonald’s for lunch—another first. 🙂 He ate 3 burgers and an ice cream sundae, but didn’t like the french fries.

Minyu’s swimming progress is pretty amazing. Day one: “No, I’m not going swimming.” Day two: “Okay, I’ll swim, but I don’t want my face in the water. It’s scary! Ahh!” Day three: “I want to learn how to swim. And I’ll put my face in with the goggles on.” By the afternoon he had learned to kick well enough to go across the entire pool and back (holding a boogie board). And he was swimming across the hot tub with his face in the water. Lots of progress! The last thing he told us was that tomorrow he wanted to swim WITHOUT the floatie. Can we say motivated?


Stylin’. 🙂

Kicking across the pool!

Trying out some goggles.

Goggles work!

Getting brave…putting his face in without the goggles. 🙂

I almost forgot! The third time swimming he told Todd he almost drowned in a bathtub when he was little. And that was why he was so scared that first day. 🙁 There’s so much we don’t know about his first 13 years… I’m just grateful we have the rest of forever to get to know him.

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