Posted On: Monday, July 9th, 2012 at 12:04 pm

We got our Article 5 on June 26th…13 days ago.  Another adoptive family who was expedited got theirs a couple days later, received their Travel Approval last week, and their little girl is in their arms today!  SO happy for them!!  Some other adoptive families (without expedites) heard on Friday that their TAs are coming today.  SO happy for them too!!  But…

I can’t help but wonder why we’re still waiting.  With an expedite.  Obviously, the expedite was not granted or we would have had TA last week.  And now it seems we could end up waiting LONGER than the normal 2 weeks for our TA.  July 16th, Trevin’s birthday, is out.  I thought July 23rd was still possible, until I got two pieces of disheartening news today.  First, my agency said, “We have not heard anything about when travel approvals will be issued or arrive.”  They usually know when they’ve been sent from Beijing, and they have no news yet.  The second thing was a conversation with the orphanage.  They received a list of the children being adopted on July 23rd.  Minyu was not on that list.  I want so desperately to hope that he can still be added!!!   But I’m afraid to hope right now.

I am trying so hard to remember that this never-ending wait is a part of a carefully orchestrated plan.  Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time remembering this lately.  Just when I think I can predict how much longer the wait will be, it lengthens.  That seems to be par for the course for this adoption.  I feel like I’m running through the desert toward a mirage, and every time I feel like I’ve run a considerable distance, I look up to find that the mirage is no closer than it was before.  But I keep running, because I think the mirage is real.  And after doing this for the last 9 months, I fell down this weekend.  Instead of getting back up and running, I buried my head in my hands and cried.  And cried.  I am tired.  And I am done.  And I just want him home.

A mirage, but not mine.  Mine is of a certain little boy…


Oh my goodness.  I JUST got an email from our agency.  Our TA is here!  Pity party OVER.

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  1. Megan Powell says:

    I love the happy ending of this post. Can’t wait to hear the date!

  2. Don Connell says:

    Yahoo!! (wait maybe I shouldn’t say that since Todd works for the “other” folks). Congratulations!

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