Posted On: Monday, June 25th, 2012 at 12:43 am

My heart is SO full right now.  Our request for an expedite has been ACCEPTED by the consulate!  With no small help from some very kind people.

I have been talking with the consulate since last Thursday, trying to expedite this next-to-the-last step in the process.  No expedite=15 to 19 days.  Expedite=2 to 3 days.  Well, the consulate responded to my email saying they would need a signed letter from a U.S. physician.  And I didn’t have one.  The nice lady I spoke with asked if I could get a letter from a doctor in China instead.  So I tried calling the orthopedic surgeon we will be seeing here in China.  And they wouldn’t write one; it’s against their policy.  I was pretty sure that would be the case.  I have had a hard time with the doctor’s here.  They will not even discuss possible treatment/diagnosis/recommendations without seeing the patient first.  Of course, that’s impossible right now since the patient is in an orphanage!

So as of Thursday I was feeling quite frustrated with the situation.  No letter, no expedite.  The consulate was closed on Friday for the holiday, but I continued racking my brain over the weekend, praying, trying to come up with SOMETHING.  Then during the wee hours of Saturday morning my feeble brain was inspired with a name: Dan Hoopes.

So you can see what a sacrifice it was, here are the two cuties the good doctor took time from to write that letter! 🙂

When we lived in Albuquerque we went to church with the Hoopes family.  Dan Hoopes was a brand new doctor, an orthopedic surgeon.  And I had talked with him about our daughter (about her foot/ankle) before she came home.  Of course, I remembered how incredibly busy he was.  AND I knew his sweet wife just had a baby a couple weeks ago.  So I was hesitant…but I called.  He was on paternity leave.  He had time.   And about 12 hours later I had a signed physician’s letter in my email.  Amazing!!!  I almost cried when I found that in my email.  (Okay, I did tear up.)  I am SO grateful that he was able and willing to take the time to do that for us, and that his sweet family was willing to let him! 🙂  What a huge blessing!  THANK YOU, Dan Hoopes and family!!!

Just a few minutes ago, I received a response from the consulate.  I have reviewed the information that you have sent, and I have determined that your case qualifies for our expedited processing.  Wahoo!!!  HALLELUJAH!!!  I can’t believe it!!!  And yet I can.  I have been feeling like Minyu really needs to come home sooner rather than later.  And I knew that if he really needed it, it would happen.  Once again, I am truly humbled, and so incredibly grateful for a loving Father that knows our wants and needs and blesses us accordingly.  This must be one loved little boy!

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