I-800 Approval!! And shopping. :)

Posted On: Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 at 10:55 am

WOO HOO!  Another step complete!  Our I-800 was approved on June 11th!  Because we’re being expedited, we even received a pdf copy (after emailing and making phone calls from 3:30-6am) instead of having to wait for the hard copy in the mail.  Yea!  I feel like we’re getting so close!  LOA and I-800–check! and check!  Only 3 more itty bitty steps!!

  1. Cable – 7-10 days.
  2. Article 5 – only 2-3 days after cable, instead of the normal 17ish.
  3. Travel Approval – normally 2-3 weeks.

Closet space for brother! 🙂 His clothes are still on that top shelf though...didn't want them to hang for a month and get dusty. (Yes, closets in China are TINY...if they're there at all.)

I know we’re still about 1 month away from travel, but the anticipation is beginning to build.  I can count the number of weekends left on ONE hand!  I feel like the whole nesting thing is kicking into high gear in the last week or two.  I did some online shopping for our boy.  And some big-time shopping at Ikea.  For some reason, buying real clothes for him makes him feel like a real boy that will really be joining our family really soon!  It’s beginning to sink in.  I made space for him in Michael’s closet and put his new clothes in there, and it made it feel so…so REAL!  His belongings are here, and it makes it feel like his arrival is immanent.

We bought bunk beds for the boys at Ikea….and new bedding…and a new area rug…and some curtains…and some organizers.  Because you need all those things when you bring home a child, right?  (Okay, okay.  Rug and curtains…maybe not so much.)  I guess as part of the nesting I’ve been cleaning up other parts of the house too–closets and storage areas, walls and cupboards, other ugly areas (like the one that needed the rug!)  because I want our little apartment home to feel more homey.  I just want him to walk in and love that he’s home.

Underneath that cute little boy is the new rug! We needed it, yes? (Validate me, please.)

So.  I have 9 months to prepare for Minyu’s arrival.  Why do I wait until the last month to do EVERYTHING??  Because I’m me.  And if you know me, that is enough of an explanation. 🙂

In other news, I am heading to Sydney tomorrow!!!  Todd is already there for work and I’ll be meeting up with him for a long weekend.  So excited!!!  It will be nice to throw a 4 day distraction into the middle of this wait.  After this weekend, we only have 2 weekends to finish getting ready!   The weekend after that, our niece comes to visit for a month (yea!!!!!) and then we’ll hopefully travel to Henan the following weekend!  I better get crackin’!!!

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