Raining, but the sun is shining on me!

Posted On: Monday, March 8th, 2010 at 5:29 am

Woo hoo!!  Those are the best two words to describe my feelings as I retrieved my soggy mail from the mailbox.  (It’s been raining and snowing today, and the mailbox was left open.  Nice.)  Two BEAUTIFUL letters from the Department of Homeland Security containing our FINGERPRINT APPOINTMENTS!  Yea!  I never knew I’d be so excited about FINGERPRINTS!  I can’t stop yelling it.  FINGERPRINTS!  Sorry, hope I didn’t hurt anyone’s ears. 🙂  And in case you want to see what all the excitement is about, here are pictures of the soggy envelopes and lovely letters.

Soggy envelopesFingerprint appointmentsWaiting for the USCIS approval was one of the biggest unknowns in our timeline.  Now that we have our appointment we have a much better idea of when we’ll be able to finish our dossier, and (eventually…) travel to China.  After today my guess is late September or early October.

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  1. 🙂 Your post sounds so much like the one I typed up TODAY!…and I was SOOO encouraged by your comment on our blog about I797C coming just 8 days later! I hope the same is true for us! The most encouraging thing I’ve heard in a while! Last time around we waited about 6 weeks between fingerprinting and our final approval. I’m glad to see your travel estimation is late September or early October because you guys are just ahead of us and I’ve been guessing October all along. Who knows! Hopefully sooner, and maybe we’ll even meet up in Guangzou! Thanks for your encouraging post on our blog! It got me very excited today…on top of the fingerprint appointment excitement! Now THAT’s EXCITEMENT!

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