6th Care Package sent, 5th got returned, and a scary update

Posted On: Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 at 6:39 pm

We prepared our latest care package and had it sent yesterday by our Chinese tutor.  (Thank you, Lucy!)  And just before she arrived yesterday I got a strange phone call.  I couldn’t understand what the man was trying to tell me so I told him I’d have our Chinese teacher call and talk to him.  Long story short, it was the post office.  My package was being returned.  What package?  The last time I sent anything was 6 weeks ago.  Yep, it was the April care package.  Ugh.

Well, the 6th package went out yesterday with a really awesome coloring book, colored pencils, and colorful handwritten notes from each member of the family.  Oh, and some of our favorite snacks so he could share with friends–Oreos, Ritz crackers, and Pocky sticks.

I was so disappointed to find out he never got a package last month that I decided I should email the orphanage so they could let him know what happened.  They emailed back.  With a very scary picture and an update.

Not the kind of update picture I was expecting! This is his shoulder.

“Some time ago, Pu Min Yu was skateboarding, wasn’t being very careful, broke his right arm, underwent surgery, and is now not going to school.  He is still recovering.  Now his right arm can not move out, everything is normal. I put current photos, lest you worry about him. ”  And a subsequent email read, “He can lift his right hand now, but not as easily as before, and not very high.”  And later at night I got one more update, the one they sent to our agency.

“On April 3, 2012, [Spencer’s birthday] he was playing on a skateboard at the orphanage. He fell and fractured the upper end of his right humerus. He already had the surgery to set the bone, and he spent 14 days recovering in the hospital. He needs to wear the arm cast for half a year.”  (Where is the cast he’s supposed to be wearing??)

I am so sad for him.  For several reasons.  First, I would not want to spend one day in a Chinese hospital, much less two weeks.  In a Chinese hospital, nurses do not take care of you–feed you, help you, etc.  That is the family’s job.  I hope there was someone there for him, because I certainly wasn’t.

Second, he is not going to school.  He is a top student in his class.  He loves school and really excels at it.  The only thing that was making this wait bearable was knowing that he was happy, attending school, and keeping busy to make the time pass quickly.  Well, now I know he is languishing day after day in the orphanage, and has been for almost 2 months.

Third, I think he needs OT and PT sooner rather than later.  I know they can’t give it to him there.  Puyang is definitely one of the better orphanages I’ve seen, but they just can’t provide that.  And where is his cast??  It says he’s supposed to wear one for half a year!  I am worried about permanent damage here.  I want him home.  Now.   And we’re still at least 2 1/2 months away from bringing him home.

Fourth, what are his current self-care abilities?  He was very independent.  I don’t think he can write–which explains why he hasn’t written us again.  Can he feed himself, or dress himself?  Can he bathe himself, brush his teeth, use the bathroom by himself??   His left arm is very short, and doesn’t have an elbow…so I just don’t know.  I will be asking for another update today.

Fifth, why am I just finding out??????  We have been waiting over 2 months (since March 19th) for our final approval letter from China. If we had known about this, we could have requested a medical expedite and probably gotten that letter in a couple weeks.  And yet we’re still waiting.

Where is his cast??? And his smile...

The bright side?  It could have been much worse, and in fact, I know of parents that have received worse updates.  Like finding out their child is hanging on to life by a thread, or that their child is too sick to even make it home.   And I know of waiting parents who have gotten the update that their child has passed away.  I can’t imagine.  So a broken arm is not the worst thing in the world.  But when it’s the best arm you’ve got…sigh.

I have talked to our agency about getting a medical expedite for our sweet boy.  They are contacting China, and  I will be writing a letter for the U.S. side of things explaining the situation.  Here’s hoping we can shave some time off the wait!!  Please keep Minyu in your prayers.   It’s time for him to come home.

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5 Responses to “6th Care Package sent, 5th got returned, and a scary update”

  1. randi says:

    OMG how scary!!Broken arm or worse that’s still scary as a mom not being able to run jump on an airplane and be there with your child! That reminded me of when Josh dislocated your oldest son’s arm! Poor kid! (sorry again!) i hope they expedite getting him home to you so you can get him rehabilitated!

  2. Jill, that’s TERRIBLE!!! So frustrating that they didn’t even let you know!!!

  3. Megan Powell says:

    I’m so sorry. It is strange that he is still not in a cast. Perhaps they felt it was “best” for his self care if they took it off early. I’ll be praying for him and for you for this emotional rollercoaster of a ride called international adoption.

  4. Kim O says:

    I’m so sorry you had to get an email and picture like that of your son. The worst thing is wanting to be there for your son but you can’t at this time.
    This reminded me of our trip to adopt our son 2 years ago. As we exited the first airplane, while waiting on the tarmac, I turned my cell phone on and received a message to call our adoption agency. The first fear to come to my mind was that our son has a horrible accident and had died. Thankfully he hadn’t , but he had been burned badly. He had burns on his hiney and his neck from a radiator. The orphanage sent an emailed letter of apology and pictures showing the scars. I was so scared, crying and in an emotional wreck knowing my baby was hurting and I was not there to comfort him. The last thing our agency’s worker told me was to hurry to China to get my son, that he needed his momma. It was there, on that tarmac, in tears when I realized how much I loved my son that I had never even seen in person or touched. I knew what love was!
    Hope you travel fast!

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