Posted On: Monday, March 19th, 2012 at 10:53 pm

I am SO grateful today!  In addition to our LID last night, I discovered another happy email when I woke up this morning.  I’ll back up a bit first.

We took a big giant step in faith when we started this adoption.  Financially, we were not ready to begin this in the fall, but we felt very strongly that we should.  (And then discovered our son’s file was already prepared.  Good thing we didn’t delay!)  To be perfectly honest, we had spent all of our savings on our previous adoption, and then the move here to China.  And then the little that we thought we had left was quickly drained to cover mortgage payments for our unsold house during the fall.

So we have spent every extra penny (about $15,000 since August) on this vacant house.  Ugh.  We could have paid over two-thirds of the adoption fees with that.  But this morning, we got an email saying that we are ready to close on the house!  It came just a few hours after the LID email.  Yea!!!  This will be a HUGE burden lifted once we close on this sale.  Until now we have had to put all our adoption expenses on a credit card–that is now almost maxed out.  But it looks like we’ll close just in time to save enough for the China adoption fees which must be paid in cash.  Phew!

My mom has reminded me several times now, “God is never late, but he is almost never early.”  So true. He has answered our prayers and rewarded our faith.  Again. 🙂 We feel so incredibly blessed.

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