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[Published June 2, 2012.]

I’ve done it again.  If you recall, during our last adoption I had the brilliant idea to search for our daughter online in Chinese.  I had been searching in English with no luck.  Well, when I searched in Chinese we ended up finding at least 5 more pictures, plus some pictures of the children from the Puyang SWI.  (And then the whole “searching for your child in Chinese” became this huge craze.  Had no idea it was such a novel idea.  Ha ha!]

So…I decided to do it again!  I actually searched for Minyu before we made our trip to Puyang and found a couple pictures.  Like these:

At the zoo. Summer 2011.

8 years old. Since this is the now the youngest picture we have of him, I guess that makes this his "baby picture."

I searched some more a couple weeks ago and have now found over a hundred pictures from the SWI.  And our son is in quite a few of them.  (I even found a couple more of Jasmine when she was there!)  Between the pictures given to us from the SWI, pictures we took during our trips, and online pictures, we now have about 80 pictures of Minyu!!!  If you haven’t adopted from China, I cannot begin to describe how incredible this is!  When you receive a child’s file, you may get lucky and receive 7-10 pictures.  Sometimes only 1-3.  And if you get any updates during the wait, you might get 1-10 more.  So a LOT of pictures would be 20 or so.  Some people have less than 5.  Total.  So…80+ pictures…definitely something to smile about! 🙂

Summer 2010

Summer 2010

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