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YAHOOOO!!!  We got the email from our agency on Friday that we were DTC!  (Translation: “Dossier to China.”)  The big stack of paperwork that began the moment we got Minyu’s file the first week in November is complete and has been mailed to Beijing, the place where all dossiers for China adoption go.  (Which is still ironic since we live here.)

I am so incredibly happy with this!  We were able to get our dossier finished in UNDER 4 months.  That is just awesome.  Some of that swiftness was due to our crazy paperchasing, some was because of our fabulous agency, some because of our social worker, and the rest was just lucky.  (Who am I kidding.  It wasn’t lucky.  It was meant to be. 🙂 )  Anyway, the estimate to complete a dossier is 4-6 months, and we beat it!

We should be bringing our sweet boy home this summer–June at the very, very earliest and September at the very very latest.  With the way things have been flying along so far, my feeling is that he’s meant to come home sooner.  So my best prediction is LOA around the 1st of May and TA the 1st or 2nd week of July.

So, here is the new timeline:

  • PA:  11/8/2011 (Pre-approval from China to adopt Min Yu)
  • DTC:  3/2/2012!
  • LID:  3/??/2012 .  We will receive a “log in date” sometime in the next couple weeks, which means China has received our dossier, logged it into their system, and we are officially in line to complete our adoption.
  • LOA:  1-3 months after LID we’ll receive our LOA (Letter of Acceptance) from China.  This is now the biggest unknown.  Once we have this we’ll probably be able to estimate our potential travel dates within a 2 week range.
  • TA:  (Travel Approval) just over 2 months after LOA.  There are about 5 little steps between LOA and TA, but they go pretty quickly.

So happy!  4 months down and only 4-5 months to go!  We are half way there and are all MORE than ready to bring Minyu home.  I hope we can make these next months fly quickly while we work hard making our home and family ready for our sweet boy.  Fly time, fly!  (And U.S. and Chinese governments, please issue our approvals in a quick fashion–lightning quick would be preferred!!)

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