He Knows!

Posted On: Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 at 7:20 am

As you know, we got our Pre-Approval from China.  Did I mention, that is when we have the okay to send care packages??  That means we get to share the news with him that he has been waiting to hear for so long–he will have a family.  After seeing so many babies and toddlers and little children going home to families, it’s HIS turn!

Because our PA came so quickly, I didn’t have time to wait to prepare a care package and tell him.  I just couldn’t wait that long!  So, I caved and sent an email (in my very best Chinese) to the orphanage.  Here is my very simple letter, with the translation:


My whole family is really excited because we received our PA today!  Pu Min Yu is our son!
(Sorry, my Chinese is not very good.  I’m telling you because Todd is in the U.S.)
Jill M. Giles

They emailed back the next morning.  They were all so happy to hear the news, and especially happy for Pu Min Yu, that he would finally have a family!  And the most exciting part of all, HE KNOWS!!!  The ayi shared the news with him when he got home from school.  She said he was really happy when she told him.  He said he misses us very much, and was very happy when he was with us.  (We were right!  He DID like us!)  And then came a heartbreaking question, “What time are they coming to pick me up?”  What time.  Oh, my sweet boy.  🙁  I hope he knows we want nothing more than to have him here with us already.  How do you explain that even though we’re only a train ride away, we will not be able to come for many, many months?  This kind ayi explained, “Your mother and father also miss you and want you very much, but they have a lot of ‘formalities’ to go through, and as soon as they finish, they will come as quickly as they can to bring you home.”  I hope he undertands we are just as anxious as he is to have him home!  The ayi also told him he needed to stay in school, and he said he will.  Then she gave him a picture to keep, one of all of us together from our last visit, and he was “very happy.”

I am so grateful to know that he knows!  And especially that he is excited and happy, and even anxiously waiting to be a part of our family.  The feeling is definitely mutual.  We will begin sending care packages soon to begin sharing our family with him.  So exciting!!

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  1. Megan Powell says:

    Jill and Todd,
    I am so excited for your family. I have been thinking a lot of your son and am so happy to hear that he knows he has a family, and not just any family–he knows you! So, as scary as it will still be to leave all that he knows, he knows you and likes you. My prayers are with you in this process and hope you are on the speedy train.

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