File Locked!!!

Posted On: Sunday, November 6th, 2011 at 8:46 am

[Written 11/6/2011, published 11/15/2011.]

The CCCWA (China’s government agency in charge of all adoptions) was scheduled to release children’s files to the shared list on Tuesday morning at 9:30.  I had been praying like crazy that this would work out, that we would be able to adopt Pu Min Yu.  Then I decided we needed to recruit a few more people to pray with us. 🙂  That’s when I decided we should tell the oldest 3 kids about our adoption plans, and specifically Pu Min Yu.  We needed their help.  I explained that it was not a sure thing yet, that our agency would need to find his file and get it locked for our family, but they were SO excited about the possibility.  So we all prayed.  A lot.

On Tuesday morning after our devotional (around 9:00am) I realized I had forgotten to pray that morning.  Doh!  So I asked for a show of kids’ hands on who had remembered to pray that morning.  Oops.  Not a one.  So, I suggested we take 10 minutes or so to retire to our rooms so we could each pray.  Then the “a-ha” moment came for the oldest 3 when they realized what was supposed to be happening in less than 30 minutes–China is releasing Pu Min Yu’s file!  All 5 kids scattered to their rooms more than willingly, and we all emerged to resume our homeschool day around 9:30. So, I was on pins and needles all morning, knowing that if our agency was able to find and lock Pu Min Yu’s file we would be hearing from them sometime during day.  I promised myself I wouldn’t check my email until lunch time.  It was a good plan…except that I got a phone call around 10:15, and when I hung up, my phone made that little “new email” sound.  So…I checked the email on my phone, and the subject read, “Pu Min Yu!”  AHHH!!!  It read:

Hi Jill & Todd,

We locked his file tonight! Yahoo!!! I’ve attached his whole file to this email.  We already have all your submission materials to complete the lock. So everything should be good to go 🙂

Referral picture from his adoption file

YAHOOOOOO!!!  We have Pu Min Yu’s file!!!  I read the email on my phone, then pulled Michael aside into his room and showed him.  He read it, then literally screamed (with excitement).  Ha ha!  Next, I pulled Kaylee Ann aside, and got a nearly identical reaction. 🙂  Then I gathered all 5 kids together to share the news.  Of course, the two little boys were so surprised!  They didn’t know we were even thinking of adopting again.  And when they heard it was Pu Min Yu they were just as excited as the other three.  We all LOVE him so much already!  I am so grateful our whole family had that one perfect day with him last month.  And no wonder it was perfect–it was our WHOLE family. 🙂  Consequently, we have no doubts and no worries about our new son.  That really is a priceless gift.

The next step is the Letter of Intent.  A Letter of Intent (LOI) is a one page document detailing your plans for this child, your “intentions.”  It’s a letter stating what you know about the child’s medical needs, what your plans are for medical care, plans for education, etc.  Usually the LOI is not written until you get the file, but I wrote ours a few weeks ago since we were given his Chinese file from the orphanage.  Our adoption agency sent the LOI to China on Friday, November 4th.  In about 2 weeks we should get a pre-approval letter from China (PA), stating that we can start the process to bring Pu Min Yu home!  And once we have that PA, we will be able to announce all of this to the world!  I am seriously about to go crazy!  It’s the most exciting news in the world and I can’t share it yet.  But soon! 🙂

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    Hooray Jill! What exciting news! I will keep you all in my prayers!

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