A New Adventure!

Posted On: Monday, October 3rd, 2011 at 8:50 pm

[Written October 3, 2011.  Published November 8, 2011.]

Happy Day!  It is official, mostly.  After much prayer, we have decided to add to our family one more time–a son from China!!!  We don’t know his name, or how old he is.  We don’t know where he lives or when he will come home.  But we know that our hearts are ready, and when the time is right, we will begin the paperwork to bring him home.  Of course, money is tight (honestly–not there) and I wonder why little ol’ ordinary me should be so blessed to have another son, but I know this is what we should be doing!

If you remember, I had a distinct impression to “prepare for other children” (see full story here) about 2 and a half years ago.  That, and a lot of prayer, led to the adoption of our daughter from China in September 2010.  I have to tell you, I honestly didn’t think about it when we first started the adoption process, but about halfway through it I realized that I was to prepare for other “children.”  Not “child.”  This was a little problematic because although our adoption was a beautiful, special process, it was not without sacrifice and challenges.  I adore the result–our sweet daughter–but the thought of doing that all over again was a bit overwhelming.  So I tried NOT to think about that!

Well, it turns out adoption is not unlike birth, in that the memory of the pain of bringing a child into your family surely fades with time.  It’s easy to say “Never again!” during labor, but almost everyone does it again anyway, no matter what they swore in that hospital room. 🙂  Well, here we go again!  We are excited, grateful, and humbled to be able to adopt another child!

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