9/12 – Sunday in Guangzhou & Lucy’s

Posted On: Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 at 7:42 pm

We decided before we came to China that we would try to go to church on Sunday if we could. Then, on our first shopping trip after meeting Jiao Jiao she saw a dress in the store that she really wanted. We bought it for her, and explained that she could wear it on Sunday when we went to church. She asked about the dress several times during the week, and each time Todd reassured her that she would get to wear it on Sunday.

After church on Sunday

After church on Sunday

Sunday morning, she was the first one dressed. 🙂 We got an address and directions to the church to give the cab driver. It took 20-30 minutes in the pouring rain, and a bit of searching for the right building, but we found it! It felt so good to be there. I really needed that. After church we were able to talk to many of the local members—most of them Americans. I figured we would draw some attention since it is a small congregation where everyone knows everyone. I was right. 🙂

After church we also found out how much Jiao Jiao likes music. There was a piano there and she wanted me to play. So I played and sang and she tried so hard to sing along, even though she didn’t know the songs. We’ll definitely have to learn some songs that we can sing together as a family. I think she’ll really enjoy that.

For dinner we joined up with some of my online adoption friends at Lucy’s. Lucy’s is a little “American” restaurant that serves burgers, steaks, spaghetti, pizza, etc. Small aside here…have I mentioned that Jiao Jiao knows some English? Only the most essential things—hello, goodbye, the numbers 1-4, chocolate, and hamburger. For dinner she ordered a hamburger. Surprise! Wasn’t expecting that!  🙂

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  1. melissa davis says:

    This was a fun post! Not that your other’s weren’t, just fun to read about her loving new things and you all bonding!!

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