Official decision

Posted On: Tuesday, July 21st, 2009 at 9:00 pm

Our decision is official.  I sent in the application for adoption yesterday.  It was a 7-page application—only the first of countless forms we’ll be filling out over the next year or so.  WHOA!  Did you say adoption? Yep.  And now you may be asking, “Where did that come from?”  During our first year of marriage Todd and I had “the adoption talk.”  We agreed that if we couldn’t have children of our own, we would adopt.   Then Todd said, “But can we adopt Chinese kids?”  “Of course!”  He really fell in love with the children as a missionary in Taiwan.  Well, the adoption talk ended there when I found out I was pregnant the very next month.  (And when our third child was born with thick, black hair, round face, and squinty eyes we joked that we’d gotten a Chinese baby without having to adopt.)

Fast forward a few years to our fourth child.  I was pretty sure baby #4 was going to be a girl.  Boy…girl…boy…___(fill in the blank).  See the pattern?  I sure did and it was obviously a girl.  Well, Spencer was not a girl.  And for a while I really struggled to decide if we were finished having children or not.  On the one hand, four kids was plenty to keep my mind (and wits) stretched to their limits.  On the other hand, I somehow thought that I’d have another daughter.  So with much thought and prayer Todd and I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t going to have any more children.  After waffling for over a year about it, I felt surprisingly at peace with our decision.  But…as I was contemplating these things in the temple, I had a distinct thought.  Prepare for other children. Other children?  I had no clue what that meant but I was in no hurry to find out.


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