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Posted On: Friday, July 2nd, 2010 at 7:13 pm

Only 5 little steps…As you know, we received our LOA on June 7th.  After LOA, there are 5 little steps to Travel Approval, well, 4 little steps and the 5th is TA.  I am so excited!!!  These little steps are happening so much faster than I thought they would.  Right now we have beat the average times, and we are looking at travel in AUGUST!!!  WOO HOO!!!  As I’ve said before, if we don’t get a miraculously quick TA and travel in August then we have to postpone until mid/late October.  Yuck!  The wonderful news is that so far it’s looking like we won’t have to do that.  Something miraculous is definitely happening here!  Here’s how our wait is going so far, along with average times:

Date Us! Average Wait
LOA 6/7/10 39 days 47-60 days
I-800 PA 6/25/10 16 days 20 days
Cable 7/1/10 6 days 4-7 days
NVC Letter 7/2/10 1 day 4 days
Article 5 7/22/10? 20 days
TA 8/5-16/10? 25 days

We are trying our best to HAUL TAIL through the paperwork.  Of course, when 75% of this time is spent waiting on government agencies–foreign and domestic–there’s only so much you can do.  And then you pray.  I am just so grateful that Someone is listening!  I am amazed, excited, giddy, and grateful.  If we really do travel in August, that is NEXT MONTH!  Next month is so close that I can almost reach out and touch it!

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  1. Wow! You guys HAVE moved through quickly! Very encouraging for me since our LID is 6/21. It seemed like things were slowing down there for a while! Congratulations on your speedy dates, and I’m hoping you do get to travel in Aug as opposed to October!

  2. melissa davis says:

    YAY! So excited for you guys!! I will cross my fingers for you!

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