The sweetest gifts

Posted On: Monday, June 28th, 2010 at 8:56 pm

The second thing I got in my inbox today was…six adorable little drawings!!  They were so cute!  So after I showed the new photos to the kids, I surprised them again with the drawings!  We admired them and talked about them and about how she’d written her name on them all (in Chinese).  We were all impressed by that since we can’t write ANYTHING in Chinese!  Someone had added captions to all the pictures, but of course, we don’t read Chinese either.  So, I waited impatiently all morning for daddy to check his email and tell us what all the little captions were on the drawings.  We were perfectly overjoyed just to see that she drew pictures.   So… imagine how full our hearts were when daddy sent us the translations  and we found out they were “gifts” for each of us!  So sweet!!!   (Btw, not sure if there’s a little confusion with the brothers??  She might think she has 2 older brothers, or maybe someone misheard what she told them to write??  Minor detail that we’ll clear up in our next letter.)  Here are her little works of art with translated captions!

Honestly, it felt like OUR birthday today!  Oh, it was so fun to see the kids faces light up as I read these to them!  I printed each of their pictures out.  They were beaming as I handed each of them their drawing.  Good stuff.

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3 Responses to “The sweetest gifts”

  1. Melissa Davis says:

    SO exciting and darling!! She is very creative!!

  2. Wow!!!! What a talented artist.

  3. Diana McCown says:

    Love the drawings! This has to be one of the best “updates” I’ve ever seen!

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