Happy Birthday to us!!

Posted On: Monday, June 28th, 2010 at 8:35 pm

I LOVE  our little girl!!  We all do.  We’re completely smitten. 🙂  I received two great surprises in my email this morning.  First, birthday pictures!

To say we LOVED the new pictures would be a gross understatement!  There was a little mishap with the birthday cake. 🙁  Let me explain.  Jiao Jiao’s birthday was 2 weeks ago today.  A week after her birthday I emailed Angela at LNL to ask if she’d received birthday pictures yet.  She called the orphanage and they said they couldn’t find the money for the cake.  (!?!)  I was incredibly sad for our little girl, worried she might be wondering why she was the only child whose family didn’t send a birthday cake.  🙁 So Angela sent the money again last week, and they had the party on the 25th.  So…this is why I was so relieved and elated to get pictures of a smiling little girl!   I printed them all out and surprised the kids with them this morning.  Seeing their reactions–surprise, wonder, and excitement– of new pics of sister is a moment that will stay with me for a while.  I am still in awe at how much love you can feel for someone you’ve never met, or even spoken to.  To see that my four crazies (even my rough-and-tumble boys!) share that same, special kind of love is a very moving thing for me.

And now, as much as we loved the new pictures, I think my favorite part of today was the second thing we received.  Because I love surprises and like to assume everyone else does too, see next post. 🙂

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  1. I love her birthday pictures and I know how happy you are to have received them. Love the cake by the way…
    It looks like Jasmine and Nicholas are good friends. They always seem to be together. I hope they will remain friends for many years to come.

  2. […] birthday and there was our daughter.  So it was really neat to be able to send pictures of Jiao Jiao’s birthday, with Nicholas sitting next to […]

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