Care packages…and the never-ending home study

Posted On: Sunday, February 7th, 2010 at 3:00 pm

I was reading more online about adopting and was reminded to record our recent experiences and feelings.  Well, our Pre-Approval arrived in our email on December 22nd!  (I had been preparing a package to send since we sent our LOI.)  We sent that first package to Min Jiao on December 24th!  I wish I could have been there when she received it.  In almost every update we’ve read about Min Jiao, it says how much she wants a family, how much she wants to be adopted.  Receiving a package is the moment that a child finds out they’re being adopted.  I wish I could have seen her face!  We sent pictures of our family and home, some clothes, and a camera to take pictures with.  We also included a letter talking about each of us and how much we want her to be part of our family.  We told her that we would send a package each month until we came.  Of course, there is no way to know for sure that she received it, but it didn’t come back to us so we’re hopeful that she did.

We sent a second package a week ago, on January 29th.  We sent another letter; some Valentines candy, a Valentines puppy; and pictures of grandparents, extended family, and her room.  I think about her so much.  It seems like it will be FOREVER until she’s home, but I worry that it might seem even longer to her.  Time goes by SO SLOWLY when you’re a kid!

And now for the real kicker—we’re STILL working on the home study!!!   I was looking at the USCIS website back in December (because I was getting ready to submit our application) and found out that Taiwan DOES have a child abuse registry.  ARGHH!  Child abuse registries are supposed to be one of the very first things checked when you start the home study!!  Anyway, so we’re still waiting to finish up the home study.  6 months is a REALLY long time!

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