L O A ! ! !

Posted On: Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 at 11:40 am

IT CAME!!! Only a 38 day wait! I can totally handle that. 🙂 We got the email at 12:30 on Monday. Our agency overnighted the letter, we signed it today and overnighted it straight back (along with lots of other I-800 paperwork). Folks, I believe our thumb-twiddling time has come to an end. It will be lots of hurried paperwork from here on out. Yea! At least that makes time fly by!

The elusive LOA! And a VERY happy me.

So…my estimate for travel is…the same. 🙂 I think we’ll leave September 29th. We could get TA anytime between mid-August and early September (if we are timely with our paperwork). The three-week spread doesn’t affect our time because Todd has commitments in September. If we don’t leave by August 18th, we have to wait until the 29th. So, that’s my prediction! We’ll see if it holds water or not in a few months, won’t we? 🙂

On another note, Jiao Jiao’s birthday is on Monday!! Only 6 more days! I ordered a package through Ladybugs N’ Love. They’ll send a picture of the package when it’s ready, and I’ll be sure to post it here for all to see. I used a service this month so that I could send a birthday cake–her first one. 🙂 Ordering a birthday cake also means there’s a very good chance we’ll get pictures of our birthday girl. 🙂 Can’t wait!! Tune in next time!

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  1. Melissa Davis says:

    I love reading your posts Jill! How exciting and just in time for the holidays!

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