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Posted On: Thursday, May 6th, 2010 at 10:37 pm

We’re logged in!!! Today was such a great day! I got an email early this morning, just after I dropped off the kids at school. It really made my day. Did I mention that today was a great day!? The email said that our “official dossier Log-In-Date is 4/29/2010.”  Our agency also sent a little more information:

The CCAA is taking approximately four to six months from the time that both your Letter of Intent
and dossier have been logged in to issue your travel approval…Even though this wait seems like the hardest part, it will be worth it once you hold your child in your arms…Now that you have your official LID, you are a giant step closer to your child.

I do feel a giant step closer! We’re actually waiting “in line” now at the CCAA (China). Before we were logged in we were hurrying with paperwork just so we could get in line.  That’s funny… I’m generally not so happy to get in a line, especially seeing that it’s long and slow-moving. But today I am!  We’re coming, Jiao Jiao!  The really cool thing about being logged in on the 29th and finding out today is that we’ve already been waiting for our LOA (the next step) for 1 whole week! One down and 2-8 weeks to go!

From here on out, most of our waiting will be determined by the CCAA.  Here’s an abbreviated run down of what’s ahead:

  • LOA (Letter of Acceptance): currently they are arriving 3-9 weeks after LID, average is 7 weeks.
  • **Insert a bunch of steps and additional paperwork here**
  • TA!! (Travel Approval): can vary by a few weeks, but average is 10 weeks.

Travel to China is about 10 days to 3 weeks after you get TA.  LOA is the big variance here.  Once we get it we’ll have a much better idea of when we’ll be traveling.  After that, from LOA to TA is typically 10 weeks, as long as one submits all the paperwork in a timely fashion.  Anyway, we have a nice bunch of hoops to jump through before we can bring home our girl.  But today…we have LID!!! 🙂

(If anyone wants to see the detailed steps, here they are.  I warn you, it ain’t pretty!)

  • LOA (Letter of Acceptance): currently they are arriving 3-9 weeks after LID, average is 7 weeks.
  • I-800 (Provisional Approval): arrives 3-4 weeks after LOA, average is 26 days.
  • Cable: about 1 week after I800, average is 8 days.
  • NVC Letter (National Visa Center): 3-5 days after being cabled.
  • Article 5: 2-4 weeks after NVC letter is dropped off.
  • TA!! (Travel Approval): 2-4 weeks after Article 5, average is 21 days.

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  1. Congratulations! That’s awesome! One more step in the right direction! Hope TA…and all the stuff in between…happens quickly!

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