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Posted On: Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 at 2:00 pm

Pu Min Jiao's File

We emailed CCAI Thursday evening.  We didn’t get any more answers, but we want to adopt Pu Min Jiao!!  We got a congratulatory phone call from CCAI on Friday.  They said they would email us an urgent to-do list.  A few minutes later I read the email.  It said, “Dear Todd & Jill, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW DAUGHTER!”  I cried and cried.  We have another daughter!  It didn’t seem real until then.  I’ve been guarding myself, trying not to get attached until I know it’s “official.”  I guess that was official enough for me.  🙂

I wrote our Letter Of Intent the very hour we received that email.  The LOI is a letter to China saying you want to adopt a child, and it has your plans for her future—medical treatments, schooling, basic care, etc.  I sent it on Friday, a few hours after receiving the “urgent to-do list” email.  Now we’re waiting for the pre-approval from China.  Once we receive that we’ll be sending care packages until we travel to pick her up.  EXCITING!!

We received her file in the mail yesterday (the hard copy).  The front says, “Congratulations on your new daughter, Pu Min Jiao!”  Wow!  I’m glad they keep saying that.  It’s helping it sink in a bit more.  I’m already falling in love.  I can’t stop looking at her pictures, imagining what she’s doing, if she’s happy, what it will be like when she arrives, what things I can send her.

In between the daydreaming I think about how much I need to do to prepare, how inadequate I feel as a mother, how difficult it will probably be, and lastly, how on earth we’re actually going to pay for this!  I’ve found that as long as I’m staying close to my Heavenly Father my worries are minimal, and I know we really are doing the right thing.  But I have days when I’m not doing my best, haven’t studied my scriptures, haven’t prayed and then read one of those horror stories about adopting an older child.  On those days my fears can get the better of me, and I wonder why we’ve decided to turn our already crazy family up on its head!  So my plan is simple—stick close to my Heavenly Father.  I need that reassurance every day that He’s behind us on this.

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