Still Home Study-ing…and a Profile!

Posted On: Tuesday, December 8th, 2009 at 1:00 pm

CCAI returned our home study on Monday with a few corrections that need to be made.  (Yes, we are STILL working on the home study.)  It should be finished in the next few days and then we can finally submit our I-800 application to the USCIS.  And then it’s about a 90-day wait until we get that approval—the last piece of paperwork needed to complete our dossier!

On a more exciting note, I happened to check the Waiting Child profiles last Thursday.  There was a new profile—and it jumped out at me.  Not sure why since there was no picture, and the 3 listed medical conditions sounded a little frightening: left-side hemiplegia, cerebral dysplaysia, and porencephaly.  What a mouthful!

We emailed CCAI that morning and asked for her file.  After waiting a day I guessed someone else had it. 🙁  Then, to our surprise, we received Pu Min Jiao’s file Friday afternoon.  We quickly pored over the documents and pictures and had a very good initial feeling about her.  We spent the weekend studying her conditions, and fasting and praying as a family.  We’re hoping to get some more info/answers about her before Friday, but we’re feeling really good about her!

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