Dossier is COMPLETE!!

Posted On: Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 at 9:25 pm

Wow! HUGE milestone here. Back in August we were given a 45-page document by our agency, an instruction booklet, the “Adoption Dossier Guide.” I have read every single page many times over, triple- and quadruple-checked every box, dotted every “i” and crossed every “t” in that thing. And…as of yesterday, IT IS FINISHED!!

We received our authenitcated I-797C from the Chinese Consulate yesterday–more than a week earlier than I anticipated! I quickly made the necessary copies and drove it straight to the post office where I overnighted that baby to CCAI. It should now be in their hot little hands! Yea!! That was the final document needed for our dossier.

I sent the rest of the dossier on March 25th and the critical review was completed on April 8th. Now CCAI will add this final document, do a summary translation to Chinese, bind it, and send it via international express mail to China! We’re almost DTC! (“Dossier to China.”) Once in China, the CCAA will “log it in.” That will be our LID, another huge milestone. At this point, there is still a slim possibility that we could travel in August! Not the most likely scenario, but not an impossibility either. At this point, it is mostly in the hands of the CCAA. We shall see!

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