“Obsessed” and…successful!

Posted On: Friday, April 16th, 2010 at 2:19 pm

Todd says I’m obsessed, I say a little “preoccupied.” I’m on a few yahoo groups and everyone is always talking about finding their children in other people’s pictures, people who have adopted from or been to their children’s orphanages. The problem is, there haven’t been very many adoptions from Puyang, only 3 from our very large agency. Well, I’ve done some searching and I think I found some pictures!

I was actually trying to research a little more about Jiao Jiao’s (Jasmine’s) orphanage. I tried Google-ing it when we first got her file, but came up empty-handed. Well, it just occurred to me that I could search in Chinese, so here is what I did:

1. Found the orphanage name in Chinese from her files, 濮阳市社会福利院. Just trust me. It says “Puyang City Social Welfare Institute.”
2. Paid a visit to my new friend, Baidu, the “Google” of China. (www.baidu.com)
3. I clicked “图 片” (“photos”).
4. Pasted “濮阳市社会福利院” and clicked the button that I assumed said “search”.
5. Ta da!!

Referral pictures

Two whole pages of photos from the Puyang SWI! Every picture we’ve seen of Min Jiao looks so different! They almost don’t look like the same little girl. Here are the 3 pictures we already had of her, from youngest to oldest:

And here are 3 I found online. They were taken by people from the city who visited the orphanage then blogged about it. The first two were taken 2/22/2009 and the third was taken in 2007 (possibly March?):

Pictures we found!

So, what do you think!? Is it her? I think it’s her. Todd is not convinced. 🙂

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