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U.S. Visa!

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

Medical appointment (before shots).


Checking his eyes.

Since we will be moving back to the U.S. next month, it’s time to get Matthew’s U.S. visa!  He and Todd left Friday morning for Guangzhou.  Matthew seemed pretty excited about taking this special trip with dad. 🙂

On Saturday morning Matthew had the required visit at the clinic for a checkup and shots.  The report from Todd is that he did NOT like the shots.  And cried and cried.  It’s sad to see a baby or a small child crying, but for some reason, it seems even sadder to see it come from a tiny 13 year old.  Maybe it’s because I expect it from a small child and not from an older one.  Or maybe it’s just because he’s my son.  Anyway, I didn’t have to witness it personally, but Todd did, and he said it was NOT fun. 🙁  Actually, I think the word he used was “horrible.”  I’m glad it’s over.

They went to church today in Guangzhou, but ended up leaving early because someone’s arms were really bothering him.  The rest of the week should be easier.  More sightseeing, few appointments, and no shots.  The consulate appointment is on Tuesday, then they’ll pick up the visa Wednesday afternoon and fly home.  Yea!  I miss them so much already, and they’ll be gone for 3 more days…

Update: Here are those next 3 days in pictures! Visited an awesome zoo, rode an elephant, found a view from the tallest building around, and enjoyed a circus.


These zoo elephants perform!


Elephant ride!


Keeping cool in the zoo’s dinosaur area.


Safari ride at the zoo. Zebras.


Feeding the giraffes.


In the tallest building around.


Fancy schmancy building


Enjoying the circus!


More circus pics


Circus again!


Elephant rider at the circus.