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“Ni hui shuo yingyu ma?” [Do you speak English?]

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

[April 25th, 2012. Published August 13, 2012…because he is now safe at home and we feel safe sharing this.:) ]

My phone rang at 5:52 today.  When the caller answered in Chinese, I thought it was a courtesy call. Completely uninterested in whatever they had to say, I asked the caller in Chinese if they spoke English.  “Ni hui shuo yingyu ma?”

The reply came in Chinese, “I can’t.  This is Pu Min Yu!”  *GASP*  I almost yelled, “Pu Min Yu!?  Really??”  And his sweet little reply, in English, “Yes!”

I handed the phone to Todd, since my Chinese is not so hot.  He asked him how he was doing, if everything was okay, was he happy, etc.  I think he was trying to make sure there wasn’t a specific reason for calling us.  Unfortunately, we got disconnected after about 4 minutes or so.  And he didn’t give us any reason for calling.  So it seems he just wanted to say hello to his family.  I have thought and thought about that phone call, and am probably trying to read too much into it.  Does this mean he’s ready to come home?  Does he think about us as much as we think about him?  Does he miss us terribly?  Is he feeling impatient?  I’m still wondering…

Pu Min Yu called us!!!  I love, love, LOVE that sweet boy!  I don’t know how he did it, but I have never been so grateful to receive a phone call in my entire life.  I still can’t get over it!  Love that boy. 🙂

5th Care Package

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Is it just me, or does it seem like we’re sending a care package every other week??  Every time I tell Todd I have a letter to translate he asks, didn’t we just send a package?  Well, it sure feels that way!  I guess that means time is flying by.  Yea!!!

I didn’t take a picture because there were only two items in the box–a letter and a Chinese trivia game.  It was a small package.  🙁  I had meant to get some treats to put in it, but totally forgot to run to the store last night.  And I had to send it today because our Chinese tutor was nice enough to do it for us.  (My Chinese is NOT good enough to attempt the post office yet, and Todd left town this morning for a work trip in Shenzhen.)  So, off the package went, sans treats.

This month’s letter was about birthdays and food.  The Chinese typically don’t celebrate individual birthdays.  Usually they celebrate “everyone’s” birthday during the Chinese New Year.  Since Kaylee Ann and Spencer had birthdays this month I explained our traditional birthday celebration–cake, presents, and sometimes a party.  I also listed all our birthdays, including his.  Children in the orphanage don’t usually know their own birthdays, so I wrote his in hopes that he’ll learn it.  I plan to send a cake and presents for his birthday, and now that he knows when his birthday is I’m hoping he will look forward to it. 🙂  Can’t wait!

I also discussed food in the letter.  When Jasmine came home, the first morning I made eggs and toast (because I saw her eat them almost everyday we were in China).  And when I set them in front of her she started looking around for something and finally asked, “Where’s the soup?”  Umm…sorry, Jasmine.  No soup for breakfast in America. 🙂  We had lots of other fun little experiences like that with food/culture differences.  That’s the reason I gave Minyu a heads up on some of the biggies.  Like no soup for breakfast. 🙂  I’m hoping he’ll feel a little more prepared to join our crazy American family!