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Letter from Minyu! And a name.

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

[Written 2/23/2012.  Published 3/13/2012.]

We received our second letter from Minyu yesterday! Love that boy!!! It’s almost like Christmas at our house when we hear from him.  He received our 3rd care package and wrote a response to our letters. (He previously responded to our first letter, but not the second.) In our last letter we asked him about the English name we had chosen, and he says he likes it! So, Minyu now has an English name!

He likes it!

It’s Matthew. 🙂  “Matthew” and “Jasmine” actually have the same meaning: gift from God. It just seemed so fitting.  All of our children truly are gifts, but these last two gifts were unexpected surprises, both given after we thought we were finished receiving “gifts.” 🙂  I have to tell you a bit more about this name.  I went through hundreds of names–literally.  It had to have a really special meaning, and it needed to sound nice too.  Well, after going through aaallll these names I made a short list, and then narrowed the short list down to the “real short” list–to about 10 names that I thought I could live with.  Then I picked my two favorites–Matthew and Evan.  Well, later that day when I realized “Evan” rhymed with “Trevin” that one was out too. 🙁  Phooey.  Only one really good name left, in my opinion.  ONE.  Out of hundreds.

So, before I told Todd what I’d come up with, I emailed him and said something like–hey, I’ve come up with a short list of names, but I don’t want to influence your thinking with my list until you let me know if you have any opinions on names.  So let me know if you have any thoughts before I send you the short list.  And I rambled on for another 4-5 sentences or so (like I am innately inclined to do).  And I did NOT send him the list yet.

A few minutes later Todd sent a reply.  Man-Of-Many-Words wrote:  Matthew.

That was it.  A one-word email.  Yeah, he wasn’t even interested in my short list, or my “real short” list, or how I’d combed through names for hours.  It was decided, and fortunately he decided right. 🙂  (Only joking!  Mostly!  Ha ha!)  And fortunately, Minyu really liked it too!  I was a bit worried that he wouldn’t like it…because we had nooo backup name if he didn’t. 🙂

Now back to his letter.  The very first thing he wrote was, “I’m so sorry I didn’t write last month.”  He explained that he had been very busy with homework–and I believe it.  (Our kids attended Chinese school for a month and it was pretty demanding.)  He gets very good grades and is always at the top of his class.  Yes, I am certain he’s working very hard.

We have some family coming to visit us in Beijing next month, so we asked him if there was something he’d really like to see when he comes.  (I was thinking maybe the Great Wall, or the Forbidden City.)  Minyu knew what he wanted to see.  He wrote, “When I come to Beijing, what I want to see most is my dad, mom, brothers, and sisters.”  Why didn’t I think of that.  That’s what we want most too–just for him to BE here.  He then thanked each of his siblings individually for the things they had sent him.  So sweet.  They all loved hearing from their brother.  We ALL loved hearing from him!  I know every parent think this about their children, but he really is someone special.  Really!  We are all so anxious to have him here with us, but until that day comes, we are grateful we can exchange letters. 🙂


3rd Care Package!

Monday, February 13th, 2012

[Written March 15, 2012.]

Sent February 13th!  I’ve decided that since it is such a huge hassle to try to print real photos, I’m just printing them in the letter instead.  Besides, it’s easier to include captions this way.  In addition to a letter with pictures, this package included lots of things from the kids to their brother.  Letters, drawings, and a book.  All of our kids love Harry Potter, and since our two oldest just finished reading the whole series this past year, they thought Minyu might like it too.  So, we sent the 2nd book, Chamber of Secrets.  I hope he loves reading like our others do!  If he doesn’t yet, we’re hoping “Hā lì bō tè” (Harry Potter) will help get him hooked. 🙂