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School :)

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

[Just found this in my drafts from November 12th, 2010!  Didn’t realize I never posted it.]

November 7th marked the 2 month anniversary of Jiao Jiao’s adoption day.  Crazy!  And in 6 more days she will have been home for 2 months.  She really is doing so well!  I still can’t get over it.  I think we got the best of the best.  Seriously.  In a year I may look back on this time and see things that I can’t see now, but without the 20/20 hindsight vision, things really look pretty good.

I have so much to catch up on, so I thought I should choose just one thing for tonight.  School!

I originally planned on keeping Jiao Jiao home for as long as she needed, thinking it would be a few weeks to a few months.  Um, no.  We arrived home on Saturday, September 18th.  I took her to the school Monday morning (2 days later) to register her.  She met her teacher and sat in on her class for about 10 minutes.  She was very shy, hid behind Todd and I the whole 10 minutes and was definitely read to go after that!  So imagine our surprise the very next morning when she woke up, got dressed, and announced that she was ready to go to school.  I was dubious, but I took her, planning to stay at school with her until she was ready to leave.  This girl is full of surprises.  She was totally ready to be there!  I had to leave the last hour to pick up Spencer and she said she wanted to stay!  She LOVES school!  She’s a hard worker, is attentive, and participates the best she can with her limited English.  She’s a great student.  She hasn’t had a bad day yet and greets me with a great big smile and a hug each day I come to pick her up.

Oh wait.  That reminded me.  She did have one hard day last week.  Not because she doesn’t like school, but she really felt like she couldn’t do what was being asked of her.  She is in first grade, barely learning English, so she is allowed to use “inventive spelling” like the kindergartners.  Anyway, the teacher was dictating words and she was asked to write what she heard.  She was so worried because she didn’t know EXACTLY how to spell them.  When she came home she explained (in Chinese/Chinglish) that she couldn’t do the work.  I told her it was okay, that her teacher knows she’s doing her best.  Then she said something I wasn’t ready for.  Holding back tears she said, “But in China, if I didn’t do my work my teacher hit me.  A lot.  Like this,” as she hits herself on the back.  🙁  That was hard to hear.  It doesn’t erase what happened in the past, but I was grateful to tell her about the future.  Jiao Jiao, in America your teacher will never do that.