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Thursday, October 14th, 2010

[Yea!  I just found this post.  I started it on October 14th, but somehow my computer was rebooted and I thought it was lost and gone forever.  It wasn’t finished, and it’s nearly a month old, but it’s all I got right now. :)]

I know, I know.  You probably thought something dreadful happened to all of us.  Nope.  Just busy!!!

Things are finally settling down a bit and I feel like I’m getting a routine of sorts going.  Yea!  Surprisingly, jet lag was not the horrible monster I was thinking it would be.  We arrived home Saturday afternoon (September 18th) and were feeling pretty good by Wednesday.   We just crashed really early those first few evenings.

And Jasmine/Jiao Jiao (we call her both) is an amazing addition to our family.  What a brave little girl!  She tends to be a bit reserved for her first exposure to new people or things.  But watch out for the second time around!  She opens up so quickly to new situations.  I would have never have survived, much less THRIVED, in the situation she is in.  New country, new language, new food, new family, new customs, new friends, new rules, etc.   She is doing so amazingly well.

School.  Yep!  She’s in school!  I originally planned to keep her home for a few weeks.