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Adoption Errands and Fun with Friends

Monday, August 10th, 2009

This last week was fun, and a little crazy!  We had our good friends, Rich and Rhonda Lucas, and their family with us for the week.  Rhonda was incredibly sweet and helpful and watched all the kids a few times so I could run adoption errands (bank, post office, etc.).  We got background checks, fingerprints, asked for 6 letters of reference, and filled out insanely long home study questionnaires.  I turned in a big chunk of paperwork to the home study agency last week, and plan to turn in the rest of what we’ve done today!  The only things we’re waiting on now are the fingerprints to be returned, Sandia to write an employment verification, and physical exams to be completed.  Yea!  We’re well on our way.

For the dossier, last week we were also able to order birth certificate, schedule our physicals, and complete a passport application for Todd.  (We still need a mug shot though so we can send it in.)   On Saturday I wrote up our Adoption Petition, Employment Statement, and Financial Statement for our dossier.  This week the plan is get all these forms notarized, then shipped off for certification.

Last detail for today, there has been a little girl on the Waiting Child webpage for a few weeks.  I’ve been looking at her, but hadn’t thought about asking for her file because it said, “My file will be returned soon.”  I thought that meant that someone was looking at her file, but I realized on Friday that it means that CCAI is about to send her file back!  So I emailed CCAI on Saturday to see if we could get her file.  We’ll see what happens.